Saoki Beach Bar

In the villages

Eating and drinking, nightlife: until the early hours in the picturesque, narrow streets of Chora, on the seafront in Kamariotissa, and in the plane tree forest amongst the streams or on the beach at Therma where “Saoki” is located, providing live music.

Shopping: In Kamariotissa, but also definitely in the many and various little shops in the narrow streets of Chora, where especially in the evenings it bustles with life. Here you will find crafts, mementos, ethnic clothes and small pieces of furniture, jewellery and shops with traditional products.



Health: Thermal springs in Therma, aknowledged for their theraputic properties since the Byzantine era.

Canyoning: at countless canyons and waterfalls of the island, organised every summer..

Mountaineering and Hiking: The mountaineering association organizes excursions for beginners and advanced climbers.

Diving: the divers association and the diving center await to help you to discover the beauty of the seabed of Samothraki. Cycling: The municipality of Samothraki offers bicycles to whomever wishes to enjoy nature this way.

Festivals, conferences and seminars: Every summer multi-day music festivals take place on the island, scientific seminars are organized under the auspices of the municipality, and alternative seminars such as, drama, dance, capoeira, children’s theatre, reiki, shiatsu, and more are organized by private individuals. Follow us on facebook and twitter, we’ll keep you informed!

Cultural events

On the island there are many local festivals, often celebrating saints’ days, such as:

  • Prophitis Elias’ day on 17th July,
  • Kamariotissa’s day after Easter with grilled sardines,
  • St. Paraskevis’ day on the 26th of June,
  • In Paliapoli with goat boiled slowly over coals,
  • St. George’s day, after Easter, in the countryside,
  • Sotiros’s day, on 6th August at the little church outside Chora,
  • Panagia’s day on 15th August in Chora.
  • There is also the celebration of the tsipouro each November.

The music association “Armonias Genesis”  organizes wonderful musical events throughout the year in which children of the island participate. The traditional dance group entertains both visitors and locals.

Kabeiria: Every year many types of events; musical, theatrical and others are organized to celebrate the Kabeiria. Follow us on facebook and twitter, we’ll keep you informed.



The Archeological museum and Archeological site: see the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, the “Arsinoe” and the replica of the Winged Victory of Samothraki.

The Three Towers of the Gatelluzi (1300-1400): see them in Chora, Paliapoli and at the mouth of Fonias.

The Folk museum: See the traditional Samothracian housekeeping customs brought to life before your eyes in Chora.

It is said that there are 999 little churches on the island so wherever you find yourself, search them out.

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