Studio Armonia

Harmony Studio – (Balcony with a view): 2-4 people

Information: +306948720169

Open all year round

On the first floor of the heritage building of Atzanos Traditional Houses one can find the second independent residence. Fully renovated, stone-built with windows which afford views towards all directions, the occupant of this studio is given the impression of being in an open space as it is actually possible to see the whole village from inside. The comfortable balcony offers the opportunity to unwind whilst enjoying the view of both the sea and the mountains, the tower, the church, the folk museum and the whole of amphitheatrical Chora.

The wooden four-sided roof has been left exposed adding comfort to the space. The decoration was carried out with much attention to detail combining white and sky blue, wood and iron, preserving in this way the island feeling, whilst offering all modern conveniences. It consists of a bathroom and a one-room space, as was the old Samothracian custom.

Also included are a fully equipped wooden kitchen and an iron double bed an the sofa in the living room converts into a full size double bed. Ceiling fans ensure a cool atmosphere in the summer, while a “green” cast-iron fireplace, or heating radiators for those who prefer them, will keep you warm in the winter months.

To summarize, this residence offers:

  • a fully equipped wooden kitchen
  • a double iron bed
  • a wooden sofa which converts into a full size double bed
  • an environmentally friendly cast-iron fireplace
  • heating radiators
  • a 37 inch LCD television
  • satellite channels
  • internet access
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a washing machine
  • a tumble dryer
  • an iron and ironing board
  • a hairdryer
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