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Heavenly landscapes, enchanting forests, mountains and waterfalls

Complete harmony among nature, culture, wild beauty, the sea and the mountains

Rooms & Services

Gaia studio (ground floor)

Built completely of stone, with the stone exposed, it has been decorated with much care and with wood as the main material. Fully renovated, it retains its character whilst offering all modern conveniences.

Harmony Studio (balcony)

The comfortable balcony offers the opportunity to unwind whilst enjoying the view of both the sea, the mountains and the whole of amphitheatrical Chora.

What else do we offer?

Breakfast, lunch, alternative agrotourism and a set of discount voucers


Traditional Houses Atzanou, Chora, Samothraki, 68002, Greece
Gaia Studio: (+30)6970364600
Harmony Studio: (+30)6948720169


T. Tzanidou

T. Tzanidou

“One of our greatest life xperiences! The stay overcame our expectations beyond out wildest imagination. The house is amazing, the food delicious and the landscape is captivating. We’re definitely coming back!”

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